Hey guys, I hope you’re having an amazing day! I will be writing about the gym that we joined with our dog. It took us a while to make a final decision on which club we should go with, mainly because it’s a bit daunting doing your research in the beginning when you don’t know any better. At the end of our journey, we went for Fetch, mainly due to location and what they had on offer.

So just a disclaimer before I begin, this post is not intended for those looking to join a gym with the sole purpose of getting fit. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this is meant more as encouragement with tips for those who want to work out alongside their pups!

So here goes!

When you first arrive at any new facility, there will be a tour. This is to show you the place and ensure there are no future mishaps (trust me, they WILL occur if your furry friend isn’t well versed in this type of environment). When we signed up at Fetch, I learned that our membership covered our dogs and us! This means we could work out together, with no extra fees for little missy.

The first thing you’ll notice at this gym is that loads of people work out with their dogs. It’s quite incredible how many people incorporate their pups into their workouts! There were all sorts of breeds and mixed breeds, some quite big and others small. Of course, this is an open space, so there are no issues with having your dog running freely around, which I was obviously concerned about. At the end of the day, the only thing that you have to remember is that dogs are dogs, and they will be having fun during their visit!

I think it goes without saying that Fetch has a great selection of equipment, as in loads of it! I don’t mean the typical stuff you find in every other gym, either. This is a dog-specific gym, so they have all sorts of features for us humans to take advantage of! You can get your heart rate up with their stair stepper or rebounder trampoline. If you’re more in the mood for weights, they have that too! They also have areas for yoga or just stretching.

Another thing that I found extremely impressive was the number of people working with their dogs. There are classes throughout the day from Mondays to Fridays, but they are very flexible in accommodating your schedule if you ask nicely enough. This is definitely the norm at Fetch. They are really trying to promote dog fitness and get us into that mode! Of course, the pups also get tired throughout the day, so there’s always an area where you can reward your buddy for a job well done.