I have started this venture to give everyone a place to go to get quality products at great prices. People like me who are looking for all natural minerals, herbs and supplements to replace the harsh chemicals manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies. You know the ones that are widely prescribed by most doctors now a days.

It started for me several years ago when I went in for my yearly physical. My doctor prescribed two statins for high cholesterol and blood pressure medication (Mine was nearing Stroke Level High). Even though I was taking the medications it seemed every time I went for my semi-annual physical my numbers were still out of whack. My doctor would say I needed to do this, or take that, to get them in line.

I took the prescriptions for a while, and then stumbled upon an article that said how bad statins were for people. (Side effects included: Muscle Pain, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver Damage, Neurological Damage, Increased Asthma Symptoms, Kidney Damage, Vision Impairment, Depression, Heart Disease to name a few.  After finding this out, I started doing some research, and low and behold (after several weeks) I found a natural supplement that treated high cholesterol.

I started taking this natural supplement (Red Yeast Rice) instead of the statins in between doctor visits, and I felt a difference after just a few weeks. When I told my doctor what I had done, she was not very pleased (we’ve all been there) and wanted me to reverse what I started.

I told her let’s wait until the results come back from the blood work to see where the numbers are currently sitting, before we discuss any changes.  My results showed that all my numbers were the same or even improved. Since that time they have all improved. Needless to say, she is not upset about the change in my treatment anymore.

I also noticed (while taking this supplement) that over the last couple years my blood pressure was slowly creeping up. So I did a little digging again for a natural supplement to help with high blood pressure. After some research I decided to try BPS-5. I started taking it along with the blood pressure medication all the while monitoring my blood pressure at home. I noticed after taking BPS-5 for about a week my blood pressure numbers started coming back down. During my last semi-annual physical my blood pressure numbers were back to normal. My goal now is to find a way to get completely off the chemicals and only take all natural supplements while maintaining normal numbers for my cholesterol and blood pressure. My research continues to find the perfect combination for myself and my goal of being Chemical Free! I hope everyone is as successful at achieving their goals too.